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Cutter chooses three rules to make the machining get twice the result

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Cutter chooses three rules to make the machining get twice the result

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Milling cutter is used for milling, have one or more rotating cutter blade. Each blade while working intermittently cutting allowance to artifacts in turn. Milling cutter is mainly used for milling processing on the plane, the steps and groove, the surface and to cut off the workpiece, etc. The author thinks that, when choosing milling cutter, cutter blade and the rest are to pay more attention to: 1. The milling cutter is used on nc machining center, or ordinary milling machine. 2. The material and hardness of the milling cutter machining. 3. The specifications of the milling cutter, such as: long diameter, length, blade, blade shank diameter, and so on.

If be used on nc machining center, it should choose solid carbide. Can choose white steel for the ordinary milling machine.

White steel milling cutter and the soft hardness compared carbide cutter. HSS tool cheap, good toughness, but strength is not high, easy to make knives, and wear resistance, relatively poor red hardness, high speed steel cutter red hardness of 600 degrees or so, around 65 HRC hardness, obviously when the white steel milling hard material, if the cooling fluid does not reach the designated position is easy to burn the knife that is one reason for the hot hardness is not high.

Carbide cutter good red hardness, wear resistance, but the shock resistance is poor, literally fall off the edge will be broken, hard alloy material is made of powder metallurgy method, hardness can reach about 90 hra, hot sex can reach 900-1000 degrees. So, white steel suitable for ordinary milling machine, milling cutters with CNC machining center.

The selection of cutter diameter:

Depending on the product and the cutter diameter selection of different production batch difference is bigger, the selection of cutter diameter mainly depends on the machining of specification and size of the equipment.

1) plane milling cutter. Choose major should be considered when the plane milling cutter diameter required power should be in the range of machine tool power, machine tool spindle diameter will also be used as the basis for selection. Plane milling cutter diameter according to D = 1.5 D selection for the spindle diameter (D). When mass production, can also according to the diameter is 1.6 times of the width of the workpiece cutting selection tools.

(2) vertical milling cutter. Vertical milling cutter diameter is the main consideration should be given the choice of size of workpiece processing requirements, and ensure the tools needed to power within the scope of the machine tool power rating. If it is small diameter end milling cutter, the highest revolution should mainly consider the machine tool can meet the minimum cutting speed of the cutting tool (60 m/min).

(3) the slotting cutter. Slotting cutter diameter and width size selection should be based on machining, and ensure the cutting power in machine tools allow power range.

The choice of cutter blades:

1, for finish-milling, had better choose grinding blade. This blade has good dimensional accuracy, so the blade in the milling positioning accuracy is higher, can get good machining accuracy and surface roughness. In addition, the development trend of grinding milling insert is used in the finishing mill out of the roll groove, a cutting edge to form large positive rake Angle, allowing the blade in small feed and cutting depth on cutting. Without sharp rake Angle of carbide insert, when using small feed, cutting processing, blade friction workpiece, tool life short.

2, some machining occasion to suppress the blade is more appropriate, sometimes need to select the grinding blade. Rough machining had better choose to suppress the blade, which can reduce the processing cost. Suppressing blade dimensional accuracy and worse than grinding blade sharp edge degree, but better suppress the blade edge strength, impact resistance and can bear larger when rough machining of cutting depth and feed. Suppression of blade sometimes before surface roll groove, can reduce the cutting force, and can also reduce the friction and artifacts, chip, reduce the power demand.

3, but the suppression of the surface of the blade is not as close as grinding blade, dimensional accuracy is poorer, the cutter blade on the blade height. Due to the suppression of the blade is cheap, so it is widely used in the production.

4, ground before the big Angle of the blade, can be used for milling the cohesive materials such as stainless steel. Through the shearing action of sharp edge, reduce the friction between the blade and workpiece material, and chip can quickly from the front of the blade to leave.

5, as a kind of combination, can suppress the blade is installed in most of the cutter blade, relocation strickle blade grinding. Strickle blade clearance roughing tool marks, than only suppress the blade can get better surface roughness. And application of strickle blade can reduce the cycle time, reduce the cost. Shaved technology is an advanced technology, has been turning, grooving cutting and drilling processing areas are widely used.

The choice of cutter blade:

Cutter price is more expensive, with a diameter of 100 mm face milling cutter blade price may be more than $600, so should choose carefully, to be truly suited to specific processing needs.

1, first of all, when choosing a milling cutter, to consider its teeth. For example, the diameter of 100 mm thick blade cutter tooth, only six and a diameter of 100 mm of milling cutter can have eight teeth. When the size of the pitch will determine the milling and at the same time to participate in cutting blade number, affect the cutting of stationarity and the requirements for machine tool cutting rate. Each cutter manufacturer has its own crude tooth, tooth surface milling cutter series.

More than 2, rough milling cutter is used for rough machining, because it has larger capacity crumbs slot. If let crumbs slot is not big enough, will cause the volume is difficult or chip with blade, workpiece friction intensified. Under the same feed speed, rough milling cutter per tooth cutting load was milling cutter.

3, fine milling cutting depth is shallow, generally 0.25 -- 0.64 mm, each tooth cutting load small (0.05-0.15 mm), the power is not big, can choose the milling cutter, but also can choose larger feeding. Due to metal removal rate is always limited in the precision milling, milling cutter for crumbs slot is just as well.

4, for the cone hole, the better the spindle rigidity, larger specifications can also use the secret made rough milling milling cutter. Since the milling cutter on more tooth cutting at the same time, with larger cutting depth (1.27 -- 5 mm), pay attention to the power of machine tools and enough rigidity, milling cutter for crumbs slot is big enough. Chip removal conditions need to test, if there is something wrong with the chip, cutting dosage should be adjusted in time.

5, rough milling under heavy load, large cutting force can make the poor rigidity of machine tool vibration. The vibration causes carbide blade's edge, so as to shorten the tool life. Selects the rough milling cutter can reduce power requirements of nc machine tools. So, when the main shaft hole size is small (R - 8 #, 30 #, 40 taper hole), rough milling cutter can be used effectively for milling. Double spindle machining center

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