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Knowledge of five-axis linkage machine tool is introduced

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Knowledge of five-axis linkage machine tool is introduced

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The advantages,

The use of five-axis linkage machine tool, it easy to let the workpiece clamping. Processing without special fixture, reduce the cost of the jig, avoids repeatedly clamping, improve the machining precision of the die. Adopts the technology of the five-axis processing mould can reduce the amount of using jig. In addition, because of five-axis linkage machine can save many special cutting tool in machining, so reduce the tooling cost. Five-axis linkage machine tool in processing can increase the effective length of cutting edge tool, reduce the cutting force, improve the service life of cutting tools, reduce the cost. The five-axis linkage machining mold can quickly complete the mould processing, delivery fast, better guarantee the quality of the mould, make it easier to mold processing, and makes it easy to mould modification.

In the traditional mould processing, generally with vertical milling machining center to complete the workpiece. With the continuous development of mould manufacturing technology, vertical machining center itself is showing obvious weaknesses. Modern mold processing generally use ball head milling cutter for machining the ball milling cutter head in mould processing benefit is very obvious, but if use vertical machining center, the bottom of the linear velocity is zero, so bottom surface degree of finish is very poor, if you use four, five-axis linkage machining technology in mold processing, can overcome the above shortcomings.

Second, the species

Cradle of five-axis linkage machine has A vertical, horizontal, and type 2 axis NC workbench, NC workbench NC dividing head, 90 axis NC workbench, 45 b axis NC workbench, A axis NC workbench, biaxial NC spindle type, etc. The above six categories, a total of seven kinds of five-axis linkage mode has its own characteristics, can't say which kind of form is better, can only say that your product is suitable for which type of five axis machining.

Third, the trend of development

1, the first is to use linear motor drive technology. After more than ten years of development, the linear motor technology is already very mature. Linear motor was developed are susceptible to interference and heat yield big problems have been resolved, and linear motor positioning technology, both in the high-speed mobile quickly stopped, there is also a part of the machine tool manufacturers using damping technology solutions.

Linear motor has the advantage of linear drive, no transmission chain, no wear, no reverse clearance, so can achieve the best positioning accuracy. Linear motor has high dynamics, the acceleration can be more than 2 g. Driven by linear motor has high reliability, free maintenance, etc.

2, the second is the double drive technology. For wider workbench or gantry type, if driven by the middle, actually cannot guarantee the driving force in the center, easy to cause tilt, make poor dynamic performance. Using double drive, two grating ruler, a driver module, can make the dynamic performance is very perfect. A driving instruction, double drive to work at the same time, the grating ruler to test whether two balance, if the imbalance through different instructions to the balance. Of course, the development of five-axis linkage machine tool technology is far more than these, many of the techniques in DMG machine tools will be reflected in the product. Five-axis linkage machining center

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